For Professional B2B Sales People Who Want to Make Selling Easy and Out Perform Their Competition

SERIOUS $elling - How to Sell Business Outcomes

A Proven 7-Step Sales Blueprint For Sales Professionals and Business Owners

  • Get a step-by-step sales framework for finding, managing and closing B2B sales.
  • Discover how to identify the customers who are ready to buy now and have budget to spend.
  • Learn advanced questioning skills that leave your customer begging to do business with you.
  • Explained... 3 Golden Rules of objection handling, that make sales objections a breeze to handle
  • Discover numerous techniques that will send your closing rate off the scale.




Our job became a lot easier.   The SERIOUS Selling framework made us take the sale back to basics, ask a lot of questions about the competitive bid and then use the methodology of speaking to the right people in the account to further our case.

We quickly found out we had been selling to the wrong person and when we involved Finance and other departments our job became a lot easier.

It took us a while but we turned this around from thinking we would lose this to securing a £280,000 sale and we now have the opportunity to sell to another part of the group”

Doug M, Global Telco
  • Introduction

    Understand why the system works and how to apply these strategies for maximum results and earning potential.

  • Module 1: Situational Fluency

    Discover 3 important areas of sales preparation, that makes selling business solutions a breeze.

  • Module 2: Engagement

    Discover who to talk to and what hot buttons to press to get them on your side and supporting your sales proposition

  • Module 3: Requirements

    Discover how to tap into buying motivators that compel somebody to buy using a simple questioning framework.

  • Module 4: Implications

    This is where people who might buy from you, become individuals who must buy from; and now!

  • Module 5: Objection Handling

    Learn how to deal with potential objections quickly and efficiently using an advanced 6-step objection handling framework.

  • Module 6: Uniqueness & Differentiation

    Discover how to leverage your personal brand and company/product USPs to win in competitive sales situations.

  • Module 7: Successful Closing

    Learn how to bring deals to a natural conclusion, with no pressure on the customer and no unexpected barriers to your progress.