Lead Generation – 3 Simple Tweaks to Your Marketing

Ever wondered how to improve your lead generation?

If so, then this blog and video (below) and a series of training I’m releasing over the coming weeks will show you EXACTLY how to create more successful marketing and lead generation campaigns.

Some of the members of my Channel Sales Mastery” programme  use cold calling, some use social media marketing, most have spent money on paid advertising like Adwords at some point, but none to date are ever able to look me in the eye and say the results are amazing; in fact, most say it was probably a wast of money.

Most say they continue to do it because they’re afraid to stop in case it is working, often just believing the hype that “you have to be on Twitter etc these days”.   Social platforms like this are a traffic source, yes, but just being on them is not marketing.

Marketing is a process (that’s the golden rule) and ALL marketing must generate a positive and measurable ROI or don’t do it… and it can if done correctly.

It might not work 100% at first, most marketing does need to be ‘Tested, Tracked and Tweaked”, that’s part of marketing, but you should always be able to turn a profit on every £1 or $1 invested in advertising.

In this video I’ll show you:

  1. 3 quick fixes to make your lead generation more effective.
  2. How this starts pre-conditioning your prospects to want to do business with you.
  3. An introduction to ” Marketing Automation”.

WATCH THIS VIDEO – I’m going to start at the beginning and teach you how to build an effective marketing campaign, with actual content from my “Channel Sales Mastery” programme.

Each video over the coming weeks will show you proven steps to improve your lead generation, including how to automate most of it.  I’ll provide check lists, white papers and other resources to help you (see below the video)…



I mentioned in the video the importance of a strong offer (everything starts with the offer).


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