Business Coaching… is it a Waste of Time and Money?

I was approached the other day by someone looking for some Business Coaching. They were referred to me by another client and we spent some time talking about their business and at the end of our conversation I told them…

“Business Coaching was a total waste of time and money… for you, at this time”.

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I am a business coach, I charge up to £24,000 a year for coaching, depending on what’s needed, so why would I turn that amount of business away and why would I say that Business Coaching is a total waste of time and money if I am a Business Coach?

The point was, it’s all about where you are in your business. Business Coaching is great if you are looking to scale your business, if you’re looking to put automation in place, if you’re looking to float it or get it ready to sell, when you need specialist advice to help you achieve those outcomes. Coaching is also great for personal development, to help you raise your mental game, or plan longer term strategies, when you need a sounding board and somebody who will stretch your thinking. But…

If you need more leads, more sales, more clients and more income, then MOST businesses need more training in selling rather than coaching. They need to be taught how to market appropriately (don’t get me started on that one) and how to sell.

After 18 years, I’m still astounded by the number of businesses I talk to, who have spent years studying their trade to become a professional Accountant or Solicitor or Physiotherapist or a professional Financial Services Advisor or tradesperson, yet have invested perhaps hours at best in learning the skills of sales and marketing; the number one skill in business.

You don’t have a business unless you can sell
the products or services that you actually have.

When I ask how much time has been invested in learning how to sell and market their wares, more often than not, it’s no more than a half-day workshop that was run by the local Chamber of Commerce or they attended a speaking event one evening put on by the local Business Innovation Centre or perhaps they’ve read a book, which is great, but shouldn’t be the entirety of your training on sales and marketing.

The outcome for the person I spoke to was to put them on my Sales WITHOUT Selling program to learn Sales and Marketing.

Unless you have a way, or a system or process for effortlessly attracting more of your ideal clients into your business, on a dependable and consistent basis and are able to turn those leads into paying customers then you don’t need coaching, you need training.

Get the foundations right. Learn how to sell, because “Nothing in business happens until something is sold”.

Brian Conway

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