How to Create Instant Rapport

Imagine being able to create rapport with anybody, with just a few simple words in the form of a very simple question… well you can!

Building rapport is one of the many skills sales people must be good at if they choose to be highly successful in their career, let me show you how to do it with ease…  Watch this short #FourMinuteFriday video now!



I first learned about this technique in the book “Winning Without Intimidation” – a great read for anybody in sales.

It turns out, that human nature means that by using the word “help” in your language patterns, people (in most cases, there’s always exceptions) can’t help but want to assist you.  This word can therefore be used to our advantage when we’re trying to develop rapport with somebody.

In this week’s Four Minute Friday, I show you how to use the technique to start a relationship and create instant rapport.

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