Do You Have a Sales “Follow Up” Funnel?

“The money’s in the follow up”, that’s an expression that’s been used in business for years and it’s so true, yet so many sales organisations don’t have a formal follow up process… Do you?

This “Four Minute Friday” video describes the importance of having a pre-defined, systematic set of steps to follow up your leads, prospects and buyers? Do you? If not why not?



Do you know what follow up happens on day 3 after your proposal goes out? Can you tell me what follow up happens on week 3 after an initial enquiry from a lead. Can you describe exactly what happens within 24 hours of speaking to a prospective new client?

Or is it that each sales person on your team or in your business just does it in their own way – you hope!!

Is your follow up process “we’ll chase them in a few days”, or “we’ll mark them out to give them a call back in 3 months”.

Just imagine what could happen if you or everybody on your sales team had a systematic, no questions asked, business process to follow that drove 10x more prospects into paying customers.

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