The 3 Parts of a Highly Successful Sales Campaign

Cutting through the “Noise” and making your sales campaign standout from the crowd is a challenge. This post video describes the 3 most critical elements that make up a successful sales campaign.

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An Easy Sales Technique for Closing the Sale

This video shows a 2 part technique that will EASILY get your prospect to commit to buying from you.

This technique uses the power of just a few specific words that make it hard for a customer to say no to you.

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How to Create Instant Rapport

Imagine being able to create rapport with anybody, with just a few simple words in the form of a very simple question… well you can!

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Four Magic Words in Selling

I call these “magic words” as they’ll not only help you create stronger sales opportunities and compel your prospect to want to do business with you, but the also help you proactively eliminate sales objections.

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How to Effectively Qualify a Sales Opportunity

Discover 4 areas of sales evaluation that will provide the information you need to increase your win potential and make closing the sale much easier.

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How to Close a Sale

This video provides 9 words, but the words are important. There’s a specific word in this question that works at a very psychological level to compel your prospect to take action and help win you the deal… find out what it is.

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Do You Have a Sales “Follow Up” Funnel?

“The money’s in the follow up”, that’s an expression that’s been used in business for years and it’s so true, yet so many sales organisations don’t have a formal follow up process… Do you?

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The 3 Most Important Letters In Selling

Building strong relationships and rapport with prospects and customers is one of the most important aspects of selling. These 3 letters represent 3 attributes that are the key to success in selling.

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Do You Struggle With Handling Sales Objections or Closing?

In this “Four Minute Friday”, I talk about the sales person’s nemesis… the sales objection.  

It only takes the use of 27 words to make handling sales objections and closing EASY.  Here I share 2 simple questions you can ask of your prospect to seal the deal…

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How “Ctrl P” Can Generate Leads

In this video I give 5 tips on how to use Direct Response Letter Campaigns for maximum impact that effortlessly attract ideal clients, that are hungry and read to buy…

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