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Brian Conway is a Sales and Marketing Expert and Leading Provider of Training and Coaching for Sales Professionals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

For 35 years, Brian has worked in the Telecommunications and Information Technology industry, starting as an apprentice engineer for British Telecom at the age of 16.  Following many years in corporate sales, he set up his own business and has for 18 years been flown all over the world to teach, train and coach the sales people for high profile global companies such as Cisco, Lenovo and Microsoft to name just a few.

He is a published author on the subject of "Selling Business Outcomes" and the creator of numerous classroom and online training programmes in the art of selling and lead generation.

Brian personally works with a handful of clients each year to help create a systematic way of attracting a sufficient quantity and quality of leads and sales on a steady and dependable basis.

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Programmes From Brian Conway


ATTENTION: Sales Managers... New Sales Enablement Programme Shows Your Sales Team How to Create More Sales Opportunities, Increase Order Value and Improve Closing Rates …

...Without Time Off the Road and the Need for Large Training Budgets!

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ATTENTION: Sales Professionals... This 7-Step Sales Methodology Explains How to Find More Opportunities, Close More Deals and Make More Commission.  Taken From the Live Training Workshops, This Home Study Course Will Take Your Sales Competencies to the Next Level.

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Sales Without Selling

ATTENTION: Automate the stuff that 'sucks'... More and more businesses and sales people just like you are automating their prospecting and marketing...

Imagine being able to free up time to work more on the most important money making activities... like closing deals.

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Channel Sales Mastery

ATTENTION: IT /Communications Providers  If while your competition struggles, you want to generate significantly more leads, improve your sales conversions, grow margins and profits and take maximum advantage of "Cloud" evolution, then join this select group of IT leaders.

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